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The New Renaissance of Sound and Music by Maat DeMeritt
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"It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception." – Albert Einstein

Since the advent of quantum physics in the early twentieth century, we have come to understand the wave nature of reality. As sound is fundamentally wave energy, it may also be understood that the principles of sound naturally govern and affect all orders of phenomena. While we are only beginning to ascertain and appreciate this, the ancients have copiously demonstrated their prior possession of this knowledge. Furthermore, the evidence suggests that they applied this knowledge in ways that would seem to defy our conventional beliefs. This book embarks us upon a monumental journey of rediscovering and apprehending the ancient wisdom of musica universalis, and not stopping there, it explores new vistas in the application of this crucial knowledge by integrating revolutionary ideas and breakthrough developments in music theory, technology, and modern harmonic science.

One of the principal revelations of this book appertains to the rediscovery of the Key Frequencies, which are determined to be formative and cohesive (anti-entropic) absolute metrics of the cosmos. These frequencies form a seven-tone, diationic scale that corresponds precisely with the musical tuning of the Pythagoreans, Sumerians, and other ancient cultures. The rediscovery of the Key Frequencies is backed by revelations concerning the ancients' capability to tune to precise frequencies, as well as the non-arbitrary nature of the second of time (the basis for the unit of frequency measurement – the hertz). Furthermore, mounting contemporary evidence that establishes the beneficial nature of various members of the Key Frequency scale is examined.

While the future use of sound and music will feature the Key Frequencies in a central role, these breakthrough approaches go much, much further. I propose a broad, comprehensive use of frequencies that both expand from – and run divergent to – the Key Frequencies, in addition to implementing a full palette of intervals and tuning systems that are completely missing from the Western-dominant music culture. Also woven into his new approach are the revolutionary practices of brainwave entrainment and tuning system modulation. Altogether, this will blow open the doors to music's grandest potentials – from healing and balancing the human body to experiencing whole new dimensions of musical expression and aesthetics. All genres of music, and all that are yet to come, can and will benefit from these revelations, and every facet of life will be affected. I welcome you to come along with me on this journey of discovery and creation, as we enter into a New Renaissance of Sound and Music.

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